Preparation phase

Scope definition

Defining and communicating the scope of the ExO Sprints to the ExO Coaches and ExO Sprints participants is crucial to getting the right outcome.

Choosing Participants

Selecting the right people for the ExO Sprints teams is half the battle in achieving a successful outcome.

Setting a Schedule

Create a schedule of dates and daily flow before launching your ExO Sprints. Ensuring that all participants are committed to the schedule is crucial to its smooth execution.
Key events to schedule:

Awake Session

The ExO Sprints kickoff. We highly recommended conducting the kickoff as an in-person session; the event takes anywhere from one hour to a full day.

Align Session

Optional as an in-person meeting. Session can be either a set of in-person training sessions to educate participants about the processes and tools they will use during the ExO Sprints, or a series of learning activities (reading books and/or watching videos).

Disruption Session

The midpoint of the ExO Sprints. Teams update other ExO Sprints participants and the company’s leadership team on the progress of their initiatives and receive feedback.

Launch Session

Teams present the final version of their ExO initiatives to the company’s leadership team. Initiatives are then selected for continued development.

One of the key elements of the ExO Sprints is making your organization aware of what’s happening in the world and what to do about it. Time to awaken the organization!

The goal is to ensure that the members of your organization understand why it’s so important to transform the enterprise. Everyone involved in the process should comprehend how external industry disruption might affect the industry, the difference between linear and exponential thinking, the tremendous opportunities exponential technologies bring in the form of abundance and how to take advantage of that abundance by building Exponential Organizations.

The format of this session should be an in-person session, focused on Exponential Organizations, emerging technologies and industry disruption. It might also include hands-on exercises to facilitate understanding.

Who should attend? An organization’s stakeholders, the top leadership and mid-level managers must attend the session, along with all ExO Sprints participants. Anyone else interested should be invited as well. The more people within the organization who get the message, the wider awake it will be as a whole.

EXPONENTIAL THEORY Reimagine the Future Through the Power of Thinking Big

By Aaron D. Bare + N. Forbes Shannon

With the rise of digital technology, business moves at unprecedented speeds, now an exponential pace. This pace is wreaking havoc on the business landscape as we know it. Disruption has brought “too big to fail” companies to their knees in a matter of months. It has made some industries obsolete.

Exponential Theory

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