The Process

Preparation Phase

Defining and communicating the scope of the ExO Sprints to the ExO Coaches and ExO Sprints participants is crucial to getting the right outcome.

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Execution Phase

Edge Stream – The Edge Stream creates next-generation global organizations equipped to lead an existing or new industry.

Core Stream – The Core Stream allows you to adapt your existing organization to external industry disruption by embracing the adoption of new technologies and organizational techniques—all while maintaining your current business model.

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Follow Up Phase

In addition to creating an organization—or set of organizations—primed to become exponential, your team has gone through a personal transformation process.

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EXPONENTIAL THEORY Reimagine the Future Through the Power of Thinking Big

By Aaron D. Bare + N. Forbes Shannon

With the rise of digital technology, business moves at unprecedented speeds, now an exponential pace. This pace is wreaking havoc on the business landscape as we know it. Disruption has brought “too big to fail” companies to their knees in a matter of months. It has made some industries obsolete.

Exponential Theory

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