ExO Sprints Roles

During an ExO Sprints, key roles are filled both from within and outside the organization.

People from within the organization are key to maintaining the DNA of the company; their presence will help suppress the corporate immune response. Remember: organizational transformation is all about transforming the people who work for the organization.

At the same time, you’ll also need to recruit people from outside the organization if you are to access the necessary knowledge and expertise required to run your ExO Sprints. There’s no way all the smartest and most talented people in the world already work for you. As a result, you’ll need to connect your project to the external community.

Leadership and Coordination

ExO Sprints Sponsor:
The main champion of the ExO Sprints and the transformation process. Ideally, the CEO of the organization fills this role.

Support from the highest level possible within the organization is key to the success of an ExO Sprints.

The ExO Sprints Sponsor should have the authority to fund and approve ongoing ExO initiatives following the completion of the ExO Sprints.

ExO Sprints Coordinator (Optional):
Depending on the number of ExO teams being formed, you may find this role helpful in assisting with administrative and logistical details.

ExO Sprints Observers:
You may want to involve leaders and middle management members who can provide continuous feedback on the progress of the ExO Sprints. (Without their involvement, you’re likely to find them acting as the immune system!) It’s imperative that these people attend the Awake Session and be properly trained in Exponential Organizations and the ExO Sprints methodology.

Team Members

ExO Edge Participant:
A member of an ExO Edge team, which is comprised of four to six members.

ExO Core Participant:
A member of an ExO Core team, which is also comprised of four to six members.

External Support

The team running the ExO Sprints will benefit from complementary support from and access to external resources.

ExO Head Coach
One per ExO Sprints. Oversees execution and provides support to individual ExO Coaches. Ensures that results are cohesive and that objectives are met. Has a good understanding of the ExO model and approach.

ExO Coaches:
One per team. Facilitates the process by supporting individuals in understanding
and successfully completing exercises and assignments.

ExO Disruptors:
Those with a strong understanding of innovation in general and about the ExO model in particular. Can provide teams with feedback about their ExO initiatives during the Disruption Session and Launch Session. Should be independent of the organization and its leadership.

External Advisors:
Respond to particular requests for topic-specific insight and expertise in exponential technologies and ExO attributes. Should be available throughout the course of the ExO Sprints and depending on the specific needs of the team.

ExO Speakers (Optional):
ExO expert(s) able to deliver a “shock and awe” talk at the Awake Session and/or Disruption Session.

ExO Trainer (Optional):
Runs the Align Session to train the ExO Sprints participants on the ExO framework, processes and tools that they will use during the ExO Sprints.

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