ExO Sprint Structure

The ExO Sprints is con­duct­ed in three main phas­es, each con­sist­ing of sub-components.


Focus on mak­ing sure all ele­ments are in place before begin­ning the 10-week process.


Dur­ing this 10-week phase, par­tic­i­pants gen­er­ate ideas and devel­op a set of ExO ini­tia­tives designed to trans­form the organization—and even the indus­try. Two streams run in tan­dem through­out this stage: The Core Stream is focused on innovation—adapting to exter­nal indus­try dis­rup­tion with­out chang­ing the exist­ing busi­ness mod­el (so as to avoid trig­ger­ing an immune sys­tem reac­tion). The Edge Stream is focused on disruption—
on cre­at­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of orga­ni­za­tions (new busi­ness­es out­side of the exist­ing orga­ni­za­tion), which will even­tu­al­ly lead the indus­try. Both streams are coor­di­nat­ed for a coher­ent and com­pre­hen­sive outcome.


The result­ing ExO ini­tia­tives are imple­ment­ed. Some will be set up with­in the exist­ing orga­ni­za­tion, oth­ers on the edge (i.e., out­side the organization).

EXPONENTIAL THEORY Reimagine the Future Through the Power of Thinking Big

By Aaron D. Bare + N. Forbes Shannon

With the rise of digital technology, business moves at unprecedented speeds, now an exponential pace. This pace is wreaking havoc on the business landscape as we know it. Disruption has brought "too big to fail" companies to their knees in a matter of months. It has made some industries obsolete.

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