3 Amigos Tequila

May 24, 2021

To under­stand 3 Ami­gos Tequi­la you first need to under­stand where the company’s roots start and why the roots will only grow deep­er as time goes on.

In 1968 the Gon­za­lez fam­i­ly arrived in the land of oppor­tu­ni­ty, leav­ing their home that they grew to love. They set forth to do what most oth­er Mex­i­can fam­i­lies set out to do, pave the road for the future.

In the begin­ning Fran­cis­co and Ramona Gon­za­lez, also known to the fam­i­ly as Papa Pan­cho and Mama Mona were the par­ents of four­teen chil­dren. Fran­cis­co was a busi­ness man that was well edu­cat­ed and a wise man that believed in hard work and fair­ness. He was a well respect­ed man among the com­mu­ni­ty for his integri­ty and hon­esty and hav­ing oth­ers well being come before his own. Ramona always a lov­ing wife and moth­er was the one that car­ried the green thumb in the fam­i­ly. She was born and raised on a farm. Her pres­ence has always been able to warm a cold room; you could say she is the sun­light on a cloudy day.

When the cou­ple mar­ried they stayed in the city of Tepati­t­lan, Jalis­co, own­ing and run­ning a goods store and they did very well, but Ramona became home­sick and Fran­cis­co gave up the city life and they moved into the coun­try farm land where they start­ed farm­ing. Fam­i­ly always came first, respect always was in the air in the Gon­za­lez fam­i­ly house­hold, respon­si­bil­i­ty start­ed at a young age, and hard work ran through the genes of the family.

As the Gon­za­lez fam­i­ly grew old­er and start­ed their own fam­i­lies they nev­er grew apart, in fact they were more unit­ed. When the Gon­za­lez broth­ers got togeth­er they decid­ed to start a busi­ness togeth­er from the ground up and G Farms was accom­plished by the fam­i­ly. G Farms is a farm­ing com­pa­ny that has been around over 20 years grow­ing water­mel­ons, onions, pota­toes, corn, and alfal­fa. The Gon­za­lez broth­ers start­ed the farm­ing busi­ness with 200 acres and now farm 4,000 acres! After the suc­cess of the farm, Wood Unlim­it­ed, a wood chip pro­cess­ing plant, was added to the Gon­za­lez fam­i­ly owned busi­ness for over 10 years now. As demand for alfal­fa pel­lets grew the Gon­za­lez broth­ers decid­ed to expand and build a pel­let mill mak­ing G Farms Qual­i­ty Feeds.

The Gon­za­lez broth­ers yet again decid­ed to go on anoth­er busi­ness ven­ture, tequi­la! Among the broth­ers involved are San­ti­a­go, Juan, Anto­nio, Eleno, and Atana­cio. Togeth­er they believed that they could pro­duce superb tequi­la at a rea­son­able price.

Tequi­la is a spir­it that can only be made in Mex­i­co and nowhere else, mak­ing the spir­it exclu­sive and spe­cial to Mex­i­co and to all tequi­la drinkers and tequi­la experts. Tequi­la is also made in cer­tain regions of Mex­i­co. The Gonzalez’s were for­tu­nate to be from the heart of region where tequi­la is pro­duced. The Gonzalez’s were also expe­ri­enced in grow­ing agaves for unsur­passed tequi­la at the time. As time passed, pre­mi­um tequi­las were being bought out by out­side investors and soon the bot­tom line was the main con­cern. This is why 3 Ami­gos was made.
3 Ami­gos is pre­mi­um tequi­la that is fam­i­ly own, man­aged, and con­trolled. The red, rich, and inclined land that 3 Ami­gos grows their agave is owned by 3 Ami­gos. When agave is grown it is trans­plant­ed from a more mature agave that sprouts out young agave. These agaves are not intro­duced to any pes­ti­cides or her­bi­cides mak­ing the tequi­la organ­ic. All work is pro­vid­ed by ranch hands, who shave off some of the leaves from the agaves; as well as cat­tle that con­sume the weeds and grass. Bio, pos­i­tive bac­te­ria, is used to help the agave by releas­ing all the nutri­ents the ground has to offer to the agave.

Dur­ing the har­vest­ing the jimadores, also known as the har­vesters, har­vest only the ripe agave to ensure 3 Ami­gos qual­i­ty is con­sis­tent. When har­vest­ing, the agave is shaved off all of its leaves by the jimador; mak­ing it look like a huge pineap­ple! The agaves can weigh as much as 200 pounds! After the agave is shaved it is loaded on a truck and leaves to the dis­tillery. The whole har­vest­ing process is mon­i­tored by an expe­ri­enced chemist who hap­pens to be a mem­ber of the family.

At the dis­tillery the agaves are loaded onto a pres­sure cook­ing oven for approx­i­mate­ly twelve hours. Then from the oven the cooked agaves are loaded onto a con­vey­or that takes them to a juicer. The juicer extracts all the juice from the cooked agave. The juice is un-dis­tilled tequi­la, but is not yet drink­able. 3 Ami­gos Tequi­la dis­tills their tequi­la twice. There are 3 types of tequi­las that 3 Ami­gos makes blan­co, reposa­do, and ane­jo. Blan­co is dou­ble dis­tilled tequi­la that is put straight into a bot­tle. Reposa­do- is blan­co tequi­la that is aged for a min­i­mum of 3 months to a year in white oak bar­rels, 3 Ami­gos Reposa­do is aged for 11 months. Ane­jo is blan­co tequi­la that is aged at a min­i­mum of a year in white oak bar­rels, 3 Ami­gos Ane­jo is aged for at least 2 years.

“3 Ami­gos is a fam­i­ly owned busi­ness. We are a team that is very proud of our tequi­la. We grow and har­vest our agave in our red rich soil locat­ed in Los Altos in Jalis­co, Mex­i­co. We hand pick our agave at its prime, pres­sure cook our agave at per­fect set­tings, and dis­till our tequi­la two times to ensure that qual­i­ty will always be main­tained. With all the vari­ables con­trolled 3 Ami­gos Tequi­la intro­duces to you the best tequi­la in the world. Salud!”

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